Beware of Comfort

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When it hurts, when you’re tired and hungry and frustrated, that’s when the offer will be made.  The simple comforts will be rolled out on a silver platter, and they will seem like just the thing to get you through.  When you are running in a race and you push yourself and it gets really hard, there is nothing more temping than the thought of stopping to rest.  There is nothing more tempting than the thing that will make the pain stop, even if only for a short time.

Here’s the problem.  The prize, the victory, everything you really want lies on the other side of the finish line.  Finishing is the only way to get it.  So when you reach out for something, anything, to comfort you in the difficulty that is life, you lose.  You have taken your eyes off of the finish line.  You have stepped out of the race and settled for a temporary cessation of the pain.  The real gold is still far off in the distance and your belief that you could actually reach it begins to wane.  You can feel the stiffness building in your muscles.

It doesn’t really matter what the comfort is, food, sex, sleep, video games, alcohol, a numb state of depression, wallowing in your bitterness.  There are an endless number of them.  I’m guessing you’re like me and know your usual suspects.  You know them all too well.

That brutal road you’ve walked leads to the destination you were created for.  Maybe you have stepped off of it and thrown in the towel or looked for other roads.  Go back and face it.  Go and walk it.  Make your life a story worth living.  The epic struggle, the desires of your heart awaiting you at the finish line, these make up a life worth living.  I suppose we should be able to take that on faith, but the proof is all around us.  The richest parts of our lives came after a struggle.  Something was worth it and you sacrificed and finished a short race to get it.  The potential for these victories is all around us.

I am astounded by Jesus Christ who set his face like flint.  He was a finisher.  The silver platter was rolled out for him too, but he knew the road he had to walk… and all the glory belongs to him.

The reward goes to the finisher of the race.