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Authority, in this world, is something that is granted to a leader by his or her subordinates… often to people who put the most effort into making the case that they should have it.  Politicians, authors and countless other “leaders” have figured out that behaving as if you are someone who should have authority often gets you the authority you seek.  This is a big problem because “how it looks” becomes very important.  It might be the most important thing.  If you want to publish a book it no longer matters if you really have something to say.  The question that will matter is, “have you been able to accumulate a big audience”.  Once you have an audience you have the authority to speak to them.  You can publish another book without much trouble.  It almost doesn’t matter what you say in it.

It’s hard to find people who really deserve authority.  They aren’t playing games with “how it looks”.  They have something to say or give and they are committed to saying it and giving it.  You have to search for these people.  They usually aren’t clamoring with the rest of the noisy world.  Some of them are probably fairly close to you.

I think it would be good to re-think who you give authority to.  Some folks look so polished and confident that it’s hard to deny them… plus, everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon.  It must be legit.  Most of them disappoint us in the end.