At the Mouth of the Cave

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The image that I use as the header for my website is inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  If you haven’t read about it you might enjoy the brief summary on Wikipedia.  The allegory is quite thought provoking.  My image portrays the part where a cave occupant has been released from his chains, has turned around and is emerging into the real world.  It is amazing to think of the transition from such limited experiences and a limited existence in the cave to the wonder of the real world.  The real world offers almost limitless experiences.  More importantly, the real world invites you to engage and by engaging to become all that you were intended to be.  The part about setting you free has been done for you, but now you have to walk out.


One more thing; emerging from the cave is incredibly scary and disruptive.  At first you can’t see.  At first you want to go back in.  Don’t look back.