An Act of Your Will

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“It has liberated me, being happy being what I am.  There are editors who always feel guilty that they aren’t writers.  I can write perfectly well—anyone who’s been educated can write perfectly well.  But I dislike writing: it’s very, very hard and I just don’t like the activity.  Whereas reading is like breathing.” – Robert Gottlieb

A lot of people love to read.  A lot of people can relate to what Robert is saying here.  But not many embrace it like he did.  It’s as if he’s saying, “I do what I am wired to do, despite the countless reasons not to, and I do it in a big way”.  I wonder what it’s like being happy being what you are.  He could have spent years driving himself crazy trying to write something special.  But why?  That’s for someone else.

Is it supposed to be hard to do what you were created to do… to be what you were created to be?  I think the real battle is over the choice to do/be it.  That’s where the real difficulty comes in.  It’s something you choose.  You stop fighting and writhing in your misery and you decide that you will go ahead and be what you were made to be.  You may have to choose it every day.  That is where you will be resisted.  This act of your will is where the victory is won.

I suppose that’s how God’s kingdom is set up.  There was great difficulty to be faced in making it available to us after we turned away, but that was taken care of on our behalf.  What remains for us is to choose it.  That’s it.  You realize you want it, you choose it and entering it becomes the most natural thing.

What do you really want?  What is just like breathing for you?  Find it and choose it!