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If you could have one person from throughout history show up in your life and affirm you, who would it be?  Would it be Alexander the Great?  Would it be Isaac Newton?  Would it be Leonardo DaVinci?  Would it be Abraham Lincoln?  What would it do for you if that person showed up and told you that you were destined for greatness?  If that person told you that they have been watching you and that they think you are gifted, that you have incredible potential and that all you have to do is work on honing those gifts and doing the courageous work of putting them into the world… wouldn’t that change everything?… then you could do it, right?…maybe for a few minutes.

You would still have to conger up the courage to start, and then you would be looking for more affirmation after each uncomfortable step out there.

Those guys knew a powerful secret.  They knew the precarious feeling of stepping out into the unknown.  They knew that you don’t receive an invitation to do it and you don’t find yourself filled with the power to do it.  You find yourself filled with a hunger for something more and a willingness to face almost unbearable fear and perceived risk to pursue it.  With the mightiest feats behind them, they also discovered that we were made to do it.

I don’t think God could make his view of us any clearer.  We were designed and created for great things and we were given the gifts we need to fulfill our purpose.  That affirmation is going to have to be enough.  There isn’t a more credible source.  It’s not going to make it easy.  It’s not going to make it obvious, but it should be enough…

…and so you see that you cannot escape the need to live by faith.  That’s the secret.  You have to acknowledge that deep hunger you have within you, and you have to believe.