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N.C. Wyeth – Ships of Christopher Columbus at sea (1927)

We talk a lot about facing our fears and pressing on in the face of great resistance. We talk a lot about how to endure difficulty and hardship.

There is no denying the difficulty. It’s there.  It’s all true, but I don’t think we have the right narrative. The tragic hero slugging his/her way to some remote imagined destination doesn’t quite capture the lives we were created to live.

There is something larger unfolding and it is not yet clear where the road will lead us. We sense that down that road lies something worth journeying for.

What you are living in, is an adventure, and you were made for it. The facing of danger, the taking of risks, the striking out into the unknown, and yes, the difficulty… you were built for such things.

We are explorers from the moment we enter the world. In the days of our youth we are eager to find out what this world will bring our way and we take its ‘slings and arrows’ in stride… we dance with ‘the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to’… and after a time we find that we have become something different.

At some point something shifts and the exploration ceases. We turn from a posture of discovery to one of control. We turn to the pursuit of an an easy life. We ‘take arms against a sea of troubles’ in hopes that ‘by opposing’ we can ‘end them’. We forget the adventure we were made for.

There is a destination, but the adventure that lies before you is not something to avoid. It is hand crafted for you. Embrace it… you might just find yourself out there… or even better, lose yourself out there… and in losing yourself you may be found.

Tomorrow is not just another round in the ring… a slug fest with everything that sets itself against you. That’s not the right story.  Tomorrow is another chapter in the great story. Lay hold of all the joy that is waiting for you in it… and may you journey boldly!

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” – Amelia Earhart