A Normal Life?

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Is a normal life enough?  Just about every commercial on television celebrates it as if it’s worthy of pursuit.  Whether you’re just a football fan, or a guy who drinks beer while grilling meat, or a soccer mom/dad, or a person with a perfect lawn, or the owner of a sporty car, it’s all presented as if it’s enough… “it’s normal” “these are the things that life is made of”.  Have you ever gone to the funeral of a person who lived a normal life?  It’s depressing.  There is nothing to celebrate.  It was just a life.  It started, it went by, and it ended.  There wasn’t enough sacrifice.  Nothing mattered enough to get that person into the fray.  This is the default life, by the way.  You either live the default life or you drag yourself into the fray.  The fray has everything going on that we are afraid of, but it’s either that or a life that doesn’t matter much.  I want the fray… but there is a big part of me that doesn’t.