A Different Kind of Test

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I heard the person in the cubicle next to mine arguing with her teenage daughter about studying for an important test that was coming up.  It brought me right back to when I was in high school when I used to get the same lectures about taking responsibility for myself and disciplining myself so I could arrange for my future.  I realize that discipline is important and a necessary component of any successful person’s life.  However, none of my teachers ever told me that the real gold was inside me and that all the education was just intended to prepare me to deliver it to the world.  We are conditioned to prepare for the test.  This implies that what I am supposed to deliver has already been defined and that my role is to find out what it is, memorize it, and get good at regurgitating it when called upon.  Most of our energy as individuals in the early part of our careers is focused on figuring out what the world is asking for (what is going to be on the test).  Once we get this figured out we start in on delivering it with ever increasing speed and in ever increasing volumes.  If we do well at this we are made responsible for getting a group of others to do the same.  So often, in this career process, we fail to get in touch with that unique element that we were created to offer the world.  It’s never been on any test.  The world has never asked us for it.  In fact, there is no indication that the world wants or needs it.  To the contrary, the world has been sending a clear message that it does not want it.  Well, I have a test I want to give you and if you don’t pass it the world will have missed out on something great.  I want you to find a way to offer the world something from your heart.  I can’t tell you what that thing is, but there is someone who can.  It is something in you that the world doesn’t even know it needs.  This is not an easy test but it is one that you absolutely must pass.