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“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed” – Isaiah 50:4b


I think listening to God is one of those things that many believers struggle with.  I certainly do.  I think that part of my problem is the fact that I have a false preconceived notion about the sorts of things that God says.  When you think you already know what God is going to say, or at least the types of things he addresses, you certainly can’t hear it when he says something completely different.

The scripture above startled me.  I put myself in Jesus’ shoes for a minute since this verse is about Jesus.  For some reason, when I read the phrase “awakens my ear to listen” I imagine God asking me to get up extra early in the morning to read my Bible as a way of showing my commitment and that he has a new regiment of devotional activity in mind for me.  I’m not sure where I get that view of him, but it just isn’t true.  I need to be reminded of that constantly.

This scripture paints a different picture.  He woke Jesus in order to instruct him.  The implication is he has some really helpful stuff to say.  If Jesus needed it, it would seem this type of communication is vital to our survival.  I never really thought that God has helpful things to say to us.  I always expect warnings or cautions.  This changes everything.  Now I am eager to listen.  Now I have a chance at hearing him.